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What should I do when stopped by Police in my vehicle?

When an officer signals to pull you over the best course of action is to put your right turn signal on and ease over to the far right lane, start slowing down without throwing on the breaks and stop in a location wtih the vehicle completely clear of the roadway.  If after dark it is a good idea to turn on your interior lights.  Stay in the vehicle unless directed to get out by the Officer. Keep your hands on the steering wheel at 10 & 2. Do not make any fast moves and tell the Officer when you are going to reach for something and where you are going to have to reach to get it. Never move quickly for anything.  Describe what you are going to do to the officer then do so slowly.  If you have a firearm on your body, in a glove box, etc. that is near to where you are reaching you should let the officer know there is a firearm and that you are licensed to carry it.  Reaching in the direction of a firearm could be interpreted as an aggressive move by the officer.

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