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What are the Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine Laws?

Some but not all states have what they call Stand Your Ground and/or Castle Doctrine Laws. These laws allow a person to use deadly force without retreating in most instances. Some state laws allow the use of deadly force in the home/property/automobile/on the street. Some just the Home. Some protect you from Criminal/Civil Court. Every state is just different and has a few different twists to its laws on this subject.


You must know the law in the state you are in. We recommend that you retreat in all situations if you can do it “Safely!”  If you can’t retreat safely and you fear for your life then you have every states law on self defense/Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine Laws to help protect you in Criminal/Civil Court. If you carry a firearm or have one in the home for home defense you should know your state laws concerning Self Defense/Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine.  Visit the state websites and read the laws carefully.

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