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Training FAQ's

Must I have any previous shooting or firearms-handling experience in order to take the NRA Basic Pistol or Shotgun course?

No. There are no prerequisites for taking the Basic NRA Pistol or Shotgun course.


Is there any pre-requisite to take the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course?

Yes; preferably the successful completion of the Basic Pistol Course. However, other means of satisfying this pre-requisite include the possession of a valid NRA Pistol Qualification Card; military DD 214 with pistol qualification; or by passing a pre-course assessment conducted by one of the instructors.


Is there any pre-requisite to take the NRA Defensive Pistol Course?

Yes, successful completion of the Personal Protection Outside of the Home course is required to enrol into the Defensive Pistol Course.


What if I don't yet have a handgun to bring to class?

Given advance notice, we can supply you with a loaner handgun for use during the class.


Do you offer shooting instruction to both women and men?

Absolutely! We are very proactive in helping women feel comfortable with the idea that the shooting discipline has something to offer everyone.


Do you offer classes for small groups or couples?

Yes; we specialize in smaller-size groups, as well as couples and individualized instruction. Please see our Personalized Training page.


My 15-year-old daughter has expressed a desire to try shooting. Is she too young to take a Basic Pistol Course?

No, if she demonstrates maturity consistent with what we deem necessary to safely and properly handle a firearm. However, minors must have written parental permission to take the course.


Must I be a National Rifle Association member in order to take a course of yours?

No; however, NRA membership is strongly encouraged, as it is a very powerful force in helping to maintain Americans' Second Amendment rights, for us and our future generations.


Will you hold a class without a deposit?

No. We cannot offer training to anyone who is not willing to provide a credit card to guarantee their booking or prepay in full at the time of sign up.


What if I cannot make the class?

The Cancellation and No-Show Policies for your class are outlined in your Registration Confirmation Email. If you have further questions, contact us.


How much ammo do I need?

Amount actually shot will depend on course flow and will vary from class to class. Please check course description for more detail on the amount required for any particular class.


What if I didn’t find an answer to my question?

Email or call us.


Fill out the form and we will call you.


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