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NRA Defensive Pistol

Designed to enhance the skills of the legally armed citizen, law enforcement officer, and military personnel who carry concealed handguns. Carrying a handgun concealed is a big responsibility and requires mastering techniques for safe handling and rapid deployment.


This course teaches advanced defensive knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed pistol for self-defense inside and outside of the home.  This module will be an option for students who have achieved successful completion of the NRA Basic Pistol or FIRST Steps Pistol Course.  This is not a standalone course.  Shooters must possess the basic pistol skills presented in the NRA Basic Pistol or FIRST Steps Pistol Course.  This course allows maximum flexibility to foster mentorship between the students and the instructor.  The GOAL is to guide students through the advanced pistol training, enhance and build confidence in their knowledge, skills, and attitude for use of a defensive handgun.  Students will be required to bring a Strong Side Hip Holster (holster must cover trigger guard), two additional magazines or speedloaders, magazine carrier, and 300+ rounds of factory produced ammunition for their firearm.



Course Goal:  To develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to effectively use a concealed handgun ethically, responsibly, and with confidence

Lesson Plans


The classroom portion of this course will be held at the Chicago Arms Training Academy located at 203 N LaSalle St, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60601.  The shooting portion of this course will be held at one of our shooting ranges.  The range location will be located at one of our indoor range partners.



Course Fee: $199.00

** Range fee and ammunition not included


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